Our Team

Meet our team of superstars working from your Gold Coast Office.
Each member of our team has a distinct skill set and together, we form the ultimate group!
Dylan Sadler

Dylan Sadler

Founder & Lead Designer/Developer

Dylan Sadler is the Founder and Lead Designer/Developer of the ExpandOnline team, founding the Company in 2018 at the age of of 16. Dylan holds a mass of knowledge in the business realm having founded multiple small businesses including dropshipping stores and ecommerce brands. Dylan now spends most of his time working with the rest of the team and directly with clients!

Tyran Burling


Parth Sarthy

Parth Sarthy

Digital Marketing Specialist

After accomplishing marketing internships in a variety of industries such as automobiles and F&B and graduating from Griffith University with a Bachelor of Business majoring in marketing, Parth is currently working for ExpandOnline as their Digital marketing specialist.
He specialise’s in making monthly reports, aiding the department with data…
Ethan Abrahams

Ethan Abrahams

Director of Media

Ethan Abrahams is a media director in the content creation team. With over 5 years experience, working with local companies like Dreamworld to worldwide brands and artists.

Callum Wordingham

Assistant Photographer & Videographer

Callum is an assistant photographer/videographer at 7xills Gold Coast Media. This means he will be doing things such as; Helping on shoots, being a second camera man, editing videos/photos and overall just helping out with productions. 

I originally started content creation around the age of 13-14…