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Keenan Brattle

Chief Service Officer

At 20, I’ve had a rollercoaster of a life. From long hours in fast food and battling a gambling addiction, to a life-changing pivot in 2023, I’ve transformed. I’m Keenan Brattle and now a Client Service Manager at ExpandOnline, with a dedicated team and newfound fitness passion, I’ve redefined my milestones. My story is one of challenges, growth, and hope.

Over the past five years, my life has undergone significant changes. I transitioned from working 38 hours a week in the fast-food industry to now holding my dream job alongside three of the best friends anyone could wish for. Five years ago, I lacked ambition and direction, working tirelessly in a minimum wage position. I was the person always saying, “I could’ve done this” or “I should’ve done that.” Additionally, I grappled with a gambling addiction from a young age, which plagued my late teenage years into early adulthood. I wasn’t trustworthy and felt I didn’t deserve better.

However, in early 2023, we made a pivotal decision. We chose to leave our current lives behind, move in together, and fully commit to our shared passion. This arrangement allowed us to highlight and address each other’s flaws and weaknesses, pushing each other to evolve into the best versions of ourselves. Just three months ago, I began attending the gym. The transformation in my daily life has been astounding. I’ve gained 10.5kg in these three months, a feat I attribute to the unwavering support of my team. Their encouragement has propelled me further than I ever imagined. I am eternally grateful for the incredible team I have by my side.

As I reflect on my journey, I’ve come to realize that life isn’t about the milestones we’re “supposed” to achieve by a certain age, but rather the lessons we learn and the growth we undergo along the way. Overcoming addiction, finding purpose, and building a supportive community have been my milestones. These experiences have shaped me, teaching me resilience, determination, and the value of genuine connections. While my path might differ from others, it’s uniquely mine, and I’ve come to embrace every twist and turn. Every day presents a new opportunity to learn, grow, and be a beacon of hope for others who might be walking a similar path.