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Dylan Sadler

Director & Lead Developer

How many experiences – good or bad, have I had up until this point? When it was decided that I was going to be writing this message, to introduce myself to each of you – that’s the question that came to mind. Immediately, I started thinking of the many different experiences I’ve had which have led me to be here, right now. Honestly, I wouldn’t have a clue how many experiences have genuinely impacted the direction of my life, ultimately landing me right here, right where I want to be. However, i’ve been able to identify a few key points. 

The first of which, at the age of 16 – starting my first ever ‘business’ InnovateInside. This business, was based around a service which I thought was a nice twist on a ‘home cleaning service, the key difference being that not only did we clean and organise, we also redesigned and rearranged your home to position furniture better and built in multiple different smart home features to your home – this actually did quite well considering this was the point of time when smart home features were the new cool thing and everybody was excited to see what they could do, however ultimately this business wasn’t particularly sustainable, mostly because I was 16 and had a push bike for transport 😅.

The second experience I think of was around the same age, possibly slightly younger – and this is joining a gym and getting started with weight training, something which is still part of my every day routine. As a busy young kid, with little transport and attempting to start small businesses, the discipline in making my way to the gym every day was training which I didn’t realise at the time, would set me up for life and help me develop the ability to persue a goal with unbreakable commitment. 

The third and final key experience I can think of which has helped me to this position in my life, was the (questionable to most) decision to move out of my very loving, comfortable and supportive family home with no guaranteed income. As an 18 year old kid, with 2 small, unstable businesses and no guaranteed income, moving out of home can be a daunting thing to do – however at that time, committing to my independence and forcing myself into a position of uncomfortability and hunger was a decision which allowed me to fully commit to my goals and ultimately dedicate my time to building my core business at the time, ExpandOnline Interactive.

After all of that, here we are – i’ve landed in the position of being able to manage our incredibly busy business with my now partners & closest friends. From starting in my childhood and looking to help people wherever I could, we’ve now serviced over 200 clients across the globe and are continuing to grow day by day, we’re also able to persue other business interests such as our thriving food truck right here on the Gold Coast while also trying to make time to pursue some of my hobbies and passions, including Weight Training, Boxing, Basketball & Competitive Poker (I like to think I’m a card shark)